Can user logon hours be set through the self service portal?



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    Steve Whitcher

    An update for anyone else who might come across this:

    We were able to add the 'logonHours' field to our Create User wizard in self service, and set a Default Value that matches the standard logon hours assigned to all users by default.  If a user needs something other than the default, we would have to manually change that in AD after the account creation is complete.  

    The value of Logon Hours is stored as hex bytes in AD, but the format used for the default value in GroupID is different.  I can't recall how I arrived at the appropriate value, I think I may copied the logonHours value from an AD user configured as desired and sent that to GroupID support, who converted it into the desired format for me.  Regardless, here is the value that I ended up using as a default:


    That equates to allowed logon times of:
    M-F: 6AM-7PM
    SAT: 6AM-2PM

    Looking back at my original post, maybe I could revisit this someday and offer a radio button for managers to select from multiple options, I probably didn't think about that when I eventually came up with this solution. 


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    Ali I

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for submitting your suggestion. Actually, we have already filed this as a feature request in our upcoming build and hopefully, you will see this implemented in future builds of GroupID starting from version 11. 

    This is an active feature request and we did submit it as a feature request quite a while back, but somehow missed updating this thread.  

    And thank you for posting the workaround and a solution as well, this is really helpful for anyone trying to implement the logon hours during user object creation. 

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